Congratulations to our winning teams!

Our third place team, NomAddress, a system for easing the pain of forwarding mail to a new address, had a useful idea and a functioning prototype that scored them high on completeness and practicality, giving them the edge to score third place:

NomAddress' ugly problem

Our second place team, ParkInMySpot, crafted a plan to allow people to rent out their unused parking spaces. A fully functioning prototype secured them second place. They also happened to be the winner of our just-for-fun practicality prize. And what is more practical than an extra pair of socks?

Finally,  Stash Verify, a system for detecting counterfeit goods using QR codes, raised the bar with a stunning intersection of beautiful design, sharp business and excellent development work. All three facets came together into a compelling presentation and demo, to place them solidly in first place.


Congratulations to our winning teams and all teams that participated! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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